Dr. Márta Rózsahegyi

Chemiluminescence reaction with solution of NaClO

Tools: two 150-200 ml beakers, chemical spoon or spatula, 100 ml beaker

Chemicals: 10 ml sol. of NaClO, solid NaOH, a small grain luminol

A and B solution was made up. A solution : 100 ml sol. of NaClO was added to 90 ml distilled water. B solution 3-4 pastilles of NaOH and luminol were dissolved in 100 ml distilled water. A and B solution were mixed up in the dark. Solution was given blue light.

Luminol was oxidized by sol. of NaClO in basic solution. Energy arising from reaction appears as light. The light of glow-worm is caused by this reaction. Bioluminescence reactions are catalysed by enzymes like luciferase.

Note: Luminol can be oxidized by H2O2, too.
Sol. of NaClO is called "hypo" and it is used for disinfection in Hungary.