How do dripstones grow?


Dripstones are mineral forms often found in caves. Groundwater trickling through cracks in the roofs of such caverns contains dissolved calcium bicarbonate. When a drop of water comes in contact with the air of the cavern, some of the calcium bicarbonate istransformed into calcium carbonate

which is precipitated out of the water solution and forms a ring of calcite on the roof of the cavern. By repetition of this process the length and thickness of the stalactite is increased.

Dripstones also can be found on older bridges and over- bridges made of concrete. They grows much quickly than natural ones.

INVESTIGATE!!! Can you find this kind of dripstones in your sorroundings? (e-mail me about the result)What do you know about the relation of the human history and caves? Here are two interesting homesites:

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