Rapid tests

The examination of the water's quality can be done on two different ways:

The rapid tests are very simple and generally used, so in what follows we will go through them. The  most simple, but the most inexact rapid tests are the test strips.

There are three types of test strips:

The qualitative test strips have got little sheets which contain a reagent which shows the concentration by changing of the paper's colour. These test-papers can be used for measuring: pH, the distribution of the water  in the butter, Fe2+, Fe3+, blood-marks, etc.

The visual test-strips are similar to the photometrial test-strips. The photometrial test-stips are more exactly, but they need spectrophotometer for measuring. The visual tests present one or more zone with reagent, buffer, masking substances and other  auxiliaries. They are used according to the "dip, lift out and read"  technique. If  we keep the directions for use, the measuring can be quick and successful. The visual test-strips can be used even in the primary school on the optional courses of biology and  chemistry.