The "Grand Prix Chimique" is a contest for European students attending a professional Laboratory education. In every country there are national qualifying rounds for the selection of the International "Grand Prix Chimique" participants. Quite naturally the contestants will "go  for gold", but the social aspect has always been to meet colleagues from other countries.

In 199l the Grand Prix Chimique was organized for the first time in Stuttgart, Germany. The initiative was taken by Mr. W. Flad as the 40th anniversary celebration of the "Chemisches Institut Dr. Flad". The first president of the International Jury was Dr. Wolfgang Flad (Germany), the second is Prof. Alfred Mathis (France).


Year: l 991
Organisation: Chemisches Institut Dr. Flad, Stuttgart, Germany
Participating countries: Czechoslovakia, France, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia.

Shared 1st place: Birgit Hösler, Germany, Istvan Terbe, Hungary
2nd place: S. Cihelnik, Czechoslovakia
3rd place: A. Chrastina, Czechoslovakia
Year: 1993
Organisation: Lycée Jean Rostand, Strasbourg, France
Participating countries: Czech Republic, France, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovenia.
1st place: Kramar Vesna, Slovenia
2nd place: Andrea Szilagyi, Hungary
3rd place: Erwin van Tricht, the Netherlands
Year: 1995
Organisation: EUC Syd, Sönderborg, Denmark
Participating countries: Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark, Gennany, the Netherlands, Slovenia.
1st place: Ester Schultz, Germany
Shared 2nd place: Josef Kratky, Czech Republic, Sandra Antony, France
Shared 3rd place: Vojtech Spiwok, Czech Republic Stella Petersen, Denmark.
Year: 1997
Organisation: ROC Zadkine, Rotterdam, Holland
Participating countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia
1st place: Patricia Teuscher, Germany
2nd place: Miranda Kruisdijk, Netherlands
3rd place: Viktor Újvári, Hungary
Grand Prix in Hungary 1999